5 Dec, 2020

IX Social Mobile App Making Trading Accessible

INFINOX Capital, a leading CFD Broker with international presence and market expertise, has briefly introduced its IX Social mobile App to make trading accessible to all.

Jay mawji, managing Director INFINOX capital, refers to the report ” Entertainment & Media Outlook 2020-2024 PwC and claims that accessing The Internet via Smartphones rempel is increasing, as more and more consumers access the internet on their mobile devices.

“Views of the fact that this is the largest single device that allows for the use of processed contributions, brokers should look for technology to ensure that trading is accessible to traders anywhere and any time, and this means putting the power of trading in the palm of your hand.”

“IX social provides customers to see interactive features for social trading was the other trader to do, and manage them and get around with them,” he explains.

“Trading can be a remote place in, and the social trading method allows customers to connect with other successful and profitable traders and quickly mimic their trading style and strategies.

Once you have a specific dealer success, customers have the option to send to the dealer if they follow a trade.”

Mawji attributes the functionality of IX to social dm from Social media platforms like Instagram, where customers can “like” certain trades of the traders they follow, even going as development cooperation, commenting on them and discussing why a particular trade was selected.

In addition to simple trading in the app, IX social also includes Community group features where merchants can first sub-communities to share information, create an educational sport, or even act as friends.

In addition, your stores can share and know why you were selected.

The idea that the application is not only accessible to trade, but also meets the education deficit and rents out the knowledge to potential traders to make informed developments in certain matters.

While education in commerce is usually learned in the interest of time, the idea behind social commerce is a way to quickly follow the often lengthy process.

IX social, developed in partnership with Pelikan Trading, uses its unique and proprietary Trading copy technology to add matrices to its suite of trading platforms.

Mike Read, Co-Founder and CEO of Pelican trade, said, “We are very excited to partner with Infinox to sign up for our industry-leading white Label copy. The partnership will enable Infinox customers to trade on the innovative social interface IX, which requires our ongoing commitment to the FX industry.”

Although there are other applications of this type on the market, IX is twice as social as its competitors – the first is a social Element than others, as well as the physical representation of the broker behind the App.

“While INFINOX capital is a large organization with a global distribution, we always maintain that we are a small organization and can talk to INFINOX Capital’s employees at any time,” says Mawji. “We understand that every financial transaction pays the customer’s money, and by giving an institution to a company, we build trust, trust and support.”

INFINOX capital Animal providers who use the App to ensure that they meet certain criteria before they can offer strategies or share businesses with the benefits.

This adds an element of security when you know that the providers with whose benefits communicate and interact are Real, have integrity and competent brokers.

In addition, individual providers who have experienced the mentioned criteria also have the opportunity to obtain advice for others from an owner on the basis of their consequences, their commitments and their successful companies.

As the global landscape pushes to use digital means, it’s time for the retail industry to follow suit. And with IX social, it is now time for potential traders to harvest the homes of the trade.

IX social is free for users and available on iOS and Android platforms. For more information, please visit www.infinox.com

Disclaimer: the content of these articles is sponsored and does not represent the opinions of financial magnates.

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