21 Nov, 2020

JFD Group Introduces Commission-Free ETF Trading

JFD Group, a Multi-Asset Broker, today announced that it has expanded its product range for European clients with the commission-free trading by six new ETFS. The company also offers trading in physical shares and cryptocurrencies without Brokerage fees.

According to the press release shared with the Financial Magnates, the ETFS mentioned are listed on various stock exchanges in the USA (NYSE Arca), Germany (XETRA) and the UK (XLON). The company plans to expand its product offering next year with the introduction of new ETFS.

The Brokerage informed about the growing competition for customer acquisition in the industry and mentioned that customers spend more time looking for the best deals in online trading. The company expects competition to intensify in the coming years with the introduction of new players in online retail.

Lars Gottwik, founder and CEO of JFD, commented on the launch: “we are taking another step in our strategic roadmap by expanding our offering without Commission. It is always exciting to see how our team offers innovative financial products that address the constitutional mission of JFD to democratize the field of capital investments. So far this year has been a record year for us in terms of revenue and account opening, which proves that we are on the right track in our development.”

JFD Group highlighted the challenges facing the retail industry as a result of the recent time pandemic. The CEO mentioned the uncertainty and caution among retail investors.

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“In the current situation with the recent time pandemic, many investors have become extremely cautious when building their Portfolios and deciding where to spend their hard-earned money. Therefore, the possibility of looking at another investment vehicle while reducing trading costs can make a big difference in performance,“ Gottwik added.

Multi-Asset Brokerage, currently offers trading with around 1,500 trade instruments in 9 asset classes. The magnates of the financial world have exclusively the consolidation of services for retail and institutional JFD under the brand JFD Bank in 2019.

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